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Interpretation of real stone paint formula

Release time:2017-01-11

1、 Like propylene glycol, propylene glycol is more environmentally friendly than ethylene glycol, and propylene glycol is more expensive than ethylene glycol; ethylene glycol acts as a water-retaining and moisture-retaining agent in summer, which slows the evaporation of water. In summer, if the amount of cellulose is relatively large (for example, 1.5-2 kg added), ethylene glycol or propylene glycol can not be added, because cellulose is also very high. Strong moisture retention, if the amount of cellulose is relatively small, the need to add glycol or propylene glycol to improve moisture. (summer high temperature dry, real stone paint slightly slow dry point can prevent emulsion surface film, Yin Yang surface, temperature difference chromatic aberration and other issues).

2. Ethylene glycol butyl ether is a fast-drying agent, commonly known as anti-whitening water, the volatilization rate is much faster than water and film-forming aids, is completely soluble in water, ethylene glycol butyl ether has almost no film-forming effect, plus it is intended to volatilize rapidly while water with a rapid volatilization. To prevent the construction of low temperature and humidity environment in winter, water does not volatilize for a long time. Because of the low temperature and humidity environment, water is not volatile, but the film builder is volatilized. After a few days, when the water evaporated the emulsion to form a film, the film builder had already run out. Ethylene glycol butyl ether is generally a ton of real stone paint plus 2 kg, added easily lead to real stone paint liquid stunned spraying poor workability.

3, benzyl alcohol and alcohol ester twelve are all film forming AIDS, alcohol ester twelve is more general, the film forming effect is better, the evaporation speed is slower, the specific dosage should be determined according to the minimum film temperature of the emulsion itself and the temperature of the construction environment, for example, the minimum film forming temperature of a emulsion is 20 degrees, if it is between 20 degrees -40 in summer. The real stone paint in the temperature environment is not added to the film builder. The emulsion can also form a film. The film forming auxiliaries plus two -4% are for insurance and to adapt to a more tolerant construction environment. In winter, the 0-10 degree environmental film-forming auxiliaries are added to 5-7% to be more secure. Benzyl alcohol is also a good film forming aids, the volatilization rate is about 10 times slower than ethylene glycol butyl ether, but about 10 times faster than ethanol ester 12, so in winter to provide the drying speed of real stone paint, some also use benzyl alcohol instead of a part of ethanol ester 12. In general, benzyl alcohol is not used alone in the formulation, because it is easier to hydrolyze benzyl alcohol during storage. (Low temperature and humidity in winter, let the real stone paint dry as quickly as possible, to avoid long-term non-drying, resulting in the initial film whitening, softening, film-forming AIDS late enough to cause film discontinuity)

4. The cellulose generally uses 30,000 viscosity and 100,000 viscosity, the molecular weight of 30,000 viscosity is small, water retention is strong, the spray of real stone paint atomization is better, but the sand will be relatively more. The molecular weight of 100,000 viscosity is large, the water retention ratio is less than 30,000, and the atomization is worse when spraying, but the drop of sand will be less, the viscosity of 100,000 viscosity is high, thickening to the same viscosity dosage less than 30,000 viscosity. So a more reasonable choice is to use 30 thousand viscosity in summer and 100 thousand in winter. The water resistance of cellulose is not good, the use of too much will lead to poor water white resistance of real stone paint, poor strength after soaking, etc., more reasonable collocation is about 1.5 kg of summer about 30,000 viscosity cellulose + polyurethane thickener, 1 kg of winter about 100,000 viscosity cellulose + polyurethane thickener.

5, genuine stone lacquer emulsion is generally divided into styrene acrylic emulsion, pure acrylic emulsion, silicon modified styrene acrylate, styrene acrylic emulsion is relatively easy to yellowing, pure acrylic emulsion is not yellow change color retention is good, usually styrene acrylic emulsion water resistance whiteness, paint film strength, color rendering and other aspects are better, silicone acrylic emulsion waterproof whiteness film strength is generally better than styrene, but Color rendering is usually less than that of styrene and acrylic resin. It is necessary to choose emulsion types in terms of water resistance, yellowing resistance and paint film strength according to their own performance requirements.

6. Bentonite has relatively good pseudoplasticity. It can improve the function of the real stone paint in the aspects of spray construction, sand control, flower prevention, raising drying speed, water resistance at the beginning, and film hardness after water soaking. Of course, the bentonite in the market has many choices, and the effect is different. Bentonite, which has better compatibility, is selected for testing. Yuzhu Industrial Co., Ltd. perennial wholesale sales of the compound 0F-7 bentonite, the effect is worth the majority of customers and friends to test and verify.

7. PH regulators in real stone paints can generally choose ammonia or AMP-95, both of which are water-soluble substances, ammonia volatilization faster, AMP-95 complete volatilization takes about a week, initial water resistance also has some impact, real stone paints in addition to the choice of ammonia more irritating odor than AMP-95 is more appropriate.

8. Many engineers don't pay much attention to the proportion of sand. They think it's OK to adjust the color. In fact, unreasonable selection and collocation of sand will directly affect the loss of sand, blossom and temperature difference, for example, the unreasonable collocation of size and fineness will easily lead to more loss of sand; the excessive use of No. 6 fine white sand and the insufficient amount of No. 7 colored sand will easily cause the covering of paint film. Lack of power produces flowers; fine powder causes more difference in temperature and shade.

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