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Talent concept:
Staff is the driving force and source of enterprise development. As a window and benchmark enterprise of Sunrise Group, Guangdong Sunrise Chemical Co., Ltd. shoulders the responsibility of promoting the development of the company and establishing the image of the company. Therefore, the company strives to create a broader space for the development of each employee, to provide an open, fair and just work platform, in order to enable each employee to maximize their potential.

Team building:
A team of employees with unified will is the foundation of enterprise development. A group can not form a team, is a scattered sand; a team without common values, there will be no unity of will, unity of action, of course, there will be no combat effectiveness. As members of the Sunrise Family, colleagues should cooperate tacitly, accept each other, learn from each other's strengths, respect each other and give in to each other, be honest and trustworthy, and jointly create a mature, common, innovative and enterprising sunrise team with a unified will and unified action.

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