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Matters needing attention and bad phenomena in winter construction of genuine stone paint

Release time:2017-01-11
In winter, because the temperature is relatively low, and the temperature difference between morning and evening is relatively large, sometimes the daytime temperature is in line with the construction temperature, but it will fall below zero at night, there will be cold and humid weather conditions, affecting the construction quality. Real stone paint, texture paint film is thicker, drying film is relatively slow, so in this complex weather conditions, the construction is prone to alkaline, film formation is not good and so on caused by the film whitening phenomenon, and in the film formation is not good when the rainy weather will also lead to rain scars difficult to recover.
In order to avoid these problems, we should pay attention to the following items in Construction:
First, the construction temperature should be above 5 C, and the humidity should be below 85%.
Two, the moisture content of the base is less than 10%, and the PH is less than 10.
3. When the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, and the phenomenon of frost occurs in the evening, the finished construction period should be controlled from 9 am to 3 pm to ensure that the film is completely formed at temperatures above 5 C.
Four. When the primer is applied, the construction should be uniform in the prescribed dosage.
Five. When building finished products, we should check recent weather forecasts to ensure that there is no rain at least 24 hours after construction.
6. Real stone paint and texture paint shall be maintained for at least 48 hours after construction and completely dried and covered with matching finish according to product requirements.
What are the bad phenomena at low temperature?
First, the real stone paint construction for the air pump, air jet molding, due to the cold weather, there will be blocked air flow, gun nozzle blockage, resulting in spray can not come out of the situation and nozzle discharge is not smooth, resulting in uneven spray paint surface.
2. The thickness of the true stone paint is 2-3 mm, and the drying cycle is long. According to the current air temperature in some northern areas, the drying of the true stone paint needs at least one week. At the same time, the temperature at night is below zero degrees Celsius. Although the anti-freezing agent is added, it is only effective at about minus 5 degrees Celsius, that is, the phenomenon of freezing still appears.
3. Real stone paints are frozen and thawed again and again. After repeated freezing and thawing, the rubber powder in the real stone paints will lose its effect, resulting in the phenomenon that the real stone paints return to alkali, powder, peeling off, and the construction quality of the real stone paints will not be guaranteed.
Four, the real stone lacquer will become soft after adding antifreeze. It will not achieve the original hardness and life expectancy will be reduced.
Now most of the country is in the winter mode, some areas of the daytime temperature is also below 0 degrees, is not suitable for the construction of real stone paint, some areas have not become cold should also be completed before the weather completely cooled, to avoid the above problems in the construction of true stone paint exterior wall.

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