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   R&D and Innovation are the core driving force for the fast and steady development of Sunrising Group to become one of the top polymer dispersion producers in China.

        Sunrising Group has a state-of-the –art R&D center in the headquarter and has an excellent and highly capable technical team consisting of a number of experts, and tens of senior chemists, engineers, and technicians. We have strong cooperation with prestigious universities such as South China University of Technology, Kunming University of Technology, etc and some well-known research institutes in this industry.

        Through our efforts, Sunrising has successfully developed the complete range of styrene acrylic, pure acrylic, elastomeric, silylated acrylic, Terpolymer emulsions, etc, for architectural coatings, waterproofing and adhesives, and emulsions for anti-corrosion coatings, and waterborne wood coatings. Our products have earned one of the best recognition in the market. The quality of our products can match that of multinational companies or even excels. We have been awarded several national patents in this field. Some of our products are listed in the National Torch Project,and some products are listed in the National High-tech product catalogue. Morover, Sunrising is a famous brand for polymer dispersions in Jiangsu Province.

        We have mastered the most advanced technologies in polymerization, such as Seeded polymerization, soap-free polymerization, IPN (Inter-penetrating polymer network) polymerization, gradient polymerization, etc. Our versatile and profound know-how can help make your company more successful. 

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