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PPG new production line for waterborne automobile coatings was built in Wuhu

Release time:2017-03-06
Sinochem Xinhua March 1, the United States paint PPG announced that its Wuhu factory in China increased investment by 19 million U.S. dollars in new high-performance water-based and high-solid paint production line officially completed.
The new product line of Wuhu factory will mainly produce environment-friendly waterborne coatings products. The technology level and automation level of the new topcoat production line will be greatly improved. In addition, storage tanks put into operation in the same period will also help reduce waste generation.
The PPG Wuhu plant was established in 2008, and its current product capacity is comparable to that of the largest PPG plant in China, Tianjin. Up to now, the total investment of PPG Wuhu factory has reached US $39 million.

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