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Guangdong Sunrising Chemical Co. Ltd (formerly Guangzhou Panyu Sunrising Chemical Co. Ltd) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jiangsu Sunrising Chemical Group. It was founded in 1998 and was moved in 2013 to the current production site in Honghai Fine Chemical Base(Park), Huizhou City, Guangdong Province in order to expand the capacity and better serve the customers. The subsidiary is renamed Guangdong Sunrising Chemical Co. Ltd. The plant has an investment of more than 50 million RMB and owns the most advanced automatic emulsion polymer production lines in China. We can produce the whole series of styrene-acrylic, pure acrylic, vinyl acetate-styrene-acrylic, veova-vinyl acetate, silylated acrylic, and other functional emulsions, and emulsions for water-based wood coatings and protective coatings. The production capacity of Guangdong Sunrising is more than 50,000 metric tons per year.

Since its start in Guangdong 15 years ago, Guangdong Sunrising Chemical has been upholding the motto of “Credibility, innovation, solid work, and win-win” firmly and kept improving the product quality and service level to meet the customer demand and drive the development of the coating industry in Southern China. It has earned good recognition and lots of acclamation from the coating industry in Southern China. The customers include almost all the major brands, such as Nippon Paint, Sherwin(Huarun), PPG, Carpoly, Zhanchen, Bauhinia, Maydos, SKSHU, etc, to name a few, and lots of small to medium-sized customers.

         Moreover, with its location in Huizhou City, which is a convenient port city and only 30 km from Hongkong, as the hub for Southern China, Guangdong Sunrising is at a very strategic location to serve customers in ASEAN and other countries. We hope to bring our leading products, technology and service to serve you well in your industry.


We look forward to the long-term cooperation with you to drive the growth of business together.

Everyone needs the sun shining. Every day there is the Sunrising.

 Guangdong Sunrising Chemical Co. Ltd


Telephone (Tel):0086 752 3911310  Fax:0086 752 3911311

Address (Add):  Honghai Fine Chemical Industry Base( Park), Huiyang District,
                        Huizhou City, Guangdong  Province, China.

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